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Here at Southwest Jewelry Buyers, we provide top dollar payment for your gold, gold coins, and gold jewelry – the highest in Scottsdale and across the valley. We’ll purchase your unwanted gold of any type, size, or quantity. The process is simple and straightforward, with a free no obligation quote. All that’s required is an evaluation, and you receive an instant payment of the determined value. Our aim is to offer honest and ethical transactions, which is the reason we’ve been given an A+ rating and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. But not only is Southwest Jewelry Buyers focused on providing you the best prices for your gold, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with each transaction with us. We provide a discreet and upscale office environment to ensure that you your experience is exceptional.

We’ll buy all of your gold, including scrap gold!
  • broken jewelry
  • gold coins
  • old gold watches
  • literally anything gold!

Whether you have broken or damaged gold jewelry you’re not sure what to do with, old gold pieces collecting dust, or want a little extra spending money (who doesn’t?), we will pay top-dollar for your gold and gold jewelry — the highest in Scottsdale and across the valley.

What We Do

At Southwest Jewelry Buyers, we’ll purchase your unwanted gold of any type, size, or quantity. The process is simple and straightforward, with a free, zero-obligation quote. But not only is Southwest Jewelry Buyers focused on providing you the best prices for your gold, we also want to make sure that you’re comfortable with each transaction with us. We provide a discreet and upscale office environment to ensure that you your experience is exceptional.


We purchase all types of gold including:
  • Broken jewelry
  • Gold coins
  • Old gold watches
  • Anything gold
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Are you looking to sell gold here in Scottsdale, Arizona? Look, we understand the selling process can be a bit confusing — honestly, there isn’t much information out there to help you make an educated decision about how to sell your gold or gold jewelry. But we really believe in providing valuable resources and information so you can be certain we are the best option available to you. This article outlines how to sell gold within Scottsdale — and this article explains the five things you should know about selling your gold jewelry; take a look if you still need a little more information before deciding to contact us.

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Award-Winning Customer Service

Concerned about a lack of honesty and perhaps a pushy sales environment with other gold-buyers? Let us be clear: There will never be any hassles, sales pitches, or shady dealings with Southwest Jewelry Buyers. In fact, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, were awarded the City Beat News Spectrum Award for Best Customer Service, are licensed by the City of Scottsdale, and received the U.S. Commerce Association’s Best of Scottsdale Award in the Jewelry Buyer’s Category—five times over. And our one-on-one, by-appointment meetings are a testament to our exceptional customer service—because you should never feel rushed and you deserve our undivided attention. Your privacy and comfort are very important to us.

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In Their Words

Just wanted to write you a note to thank you for buying our gold jewelry. We called several dealers you paid 70% more than the lowest one, and 20% over the highest! Thanks again for giving us a fair price, and we will be back!


My wife and I were just so pleased with our dealings with Eric at SJB. He is very knowledgeable, and always pays us great prices on everything we’ve sold – from a larger diamond to our large collection of older gold jewelry. Thank you again.


Eric thanks again for giving me such a good price for my ring. ***** ****** really low-balled me. You gave me almost 2X more. Considering how much I paid, I really appreciate it.


I had a large number of broken jewelry items that I thought were worthless. I took everything to Southwest Jewelry Buyers, where they carefully sorted through my entire collection. I went home with a LARGE check which was just such a pleasure as I thought I had a worthless pile of broken junk!


We met Eric on a Saturday morning (could not meet during the week because of my job). He evaluated our many rings in no time at all, and paid us considerably more than we thought we would get. My husband and I highly recommend Southwest Jewelry Buyers.


I tried selling my diamonds on line and in a classified ad. It was an absolute nightmare. I must have been approached by a dozen scam artists. Selling my diamond ring to Eric was safe, easy, and I got an excellent price. He even met me at a bank, which really put me at ease. Thank you again!


I had a large diamond to sell, so I wanted to sell to someone who really understands the value of larger diamonds. Eric paid me top dollar for my diamond. I would not hesitate to recommend Southwest Jewelry Buyers to anyone wanting to sell their diamonds or jewelry.


Eric was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He took the time to show me the actual value of my diamond jewelry, and I left with a nice check. Thank you again Eric.


After doing a ton of research, we sold our large diamond ring, and several other items, to Eric at Southwest Jewelry Buyers. I cannot recommend them strongly enough. They paid us a great price, and best of all they are direct buyers. We met with several brokers or middlemen, and it was just very frustrating. Eric is the direct buyer, and we left with a check in 10 minutes.


I met with two other dealers both of which didn’t even make me an offer. I met with Eric on a Saturday, received a very good offer, and left with a check in 10 minutes.


I was going to send my gold off to *********.com. They sent me a gold pack, but I felt uncomfortable with only $100 insurance on the package. I decided to find a local company, and came across SW Jewelry Buyers. I thought I had about $200 of gold. My check was for $1,100!


Eric I just wanted to write you a note and thank you for your professionalism and help with our mother’s estate. We took all of her pieces to a few dealers and pawn shops so when you gave us a check for thousands more than they offered we were so happy. Thank you again.


I had my 2 carat diamond at a consignment shop for over 10 months not 1 offer. I sold it to Southwest Jewelry buyers in 10 minutes for a very fair price. I’ll NEVER leave anything at a consignment shop again!


We sent a large amount of jewelry to one of those internet sites claiming to pay top dollar. They made us a ridiculously low offer, and charged us fees + shipping to get our jewelry back. Eric’s offer was over double what they offered and it was risk free and local.


We got a really lowball offer from another gold buyer in town. Eric tested all of our jewelry right in front of us, paid us the most, and it was a truly professional experience. We have sent in many family members.


Thank you Eric. Your professionalism and kind nature made selling my mother’s estate diamond and gold a pleasurable experience. I am a repeat customer of Eric’s services and will do business with him again in the future. He is honest and truly paid a fair price for the items I had to sell.


My friend and I sold a really large amount of outdated gold jewelry to Southwest. They were so professional, paid us right there, and were WAY higher on what they offered us. 5 STARS!!! Thank you!


We brought in a 1.50 carat diamond ring to sell. Eric the owner paid us almost double what another chain store offered us.


Southwest Jewelry Buyers

GIA Certified and Trained

The gold buying industry, unfortunately, doesn’t always have the best reputation due to unqualified businesses and buyers; you see, not every business or buyer is adequately trained. No matter where you choose to sell your gold or gold jewelry, it is crucial to ensure your buyer has taken full-time certification programs. One of the most well-recognized and respected programs in the world is the graduate program at the Gemological Institute of America. At Southwest Jewelry Buyers, each individual who inspects, grades, and prices your piece has attended and passed these rigorous GIA classes and exams, and can give you an honest, precise evaluation. Find out more about why GIA degrees are so important to the jewelry buying industry here.

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If a piece of gold jewelry is an antique/vintage item, very desirable, or is a designer item, then it will be valued as jewelry. This is especially true of the top designer jewelry items. If a piece is simply gold jewelry and not designer and/or out of fashion, it may be valued at the melt down value of the gold or platinum. With the high prices of gold, even your broken jewelry will have great value.


Selling these jewelry items is not a problem. Many items sustain damage during years of wear. Southwest Jewelry Buyers consistently pays top prices for broken and damaged jewelry.


Yes. Although we specialize in gold, we are strong buyers of estate jewelry, high end watches, and gold and silver coins. We are also VERY strong buyers of signed designer pieces, Tiffany, Cartier, David Yurman, etc. We usually meet or exceed offers from out of state buyers! There is no reason to risk shipping your jewelry out of state when you can get a better price in Phoenix.

We also buy gem quality colored stones such as emerald, sapphire, and ruby jewelry.


Great question! For 16 years SW Jewelry Buyers has been paying the top prices on gold, and other types of jewelry. Our reviews and reputation on the Better Business Bureau and all social media sites are 5 stars. We guarantee you a terrific experience selling your gold and gold jewelry in the Phoenix Metro area.


We can sometimes give a good ballpark over the phone, but it’s always best to get an in-person offer. There are just too many variables involved to give accurate quotes without first seeing your items.


Absolutely not! We will evaluate all of your jewelry items, and there is never a fee nor any pressure to sell anything.

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It’s a challenge determining the true value of jewelry. Contact our experts to get a better understanding of what your piece is truly worth.