Southwest Jewelry Buyers Receives Recognition for Stellar Customer Service

December 21, 2016 By swj-eric

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Thank you, Scottsdale! Because of you, Southwest Jewelry Buyers has recently been awarded the City Beat News Spectrum Award for Best Customer Service.

At Southwest Jewelry Buyers, we pride ourselves on working hard to give our customers an excellent experience because we know our customers are what make our business thrive. Getting recognized for our customer service the icing on the cake for us, and we’re so grateful!

City Beat News

City Beat News is an independent publishing company that researches local businesses important to their readers. They seek to uncover those smaller businesses that fly under the radar, but stand out in the service and products they provide consumers. Providing an unbiased opinion is essential for giving consumers information they need on which local businesses they should check out.

Spectrum Award

The Spectrum Award was established by City Beat News to help spotlight the local businesses that shine during the rating process. Awards are given out to outstanding businesses based on ratings they receive after City Beat’s research. Only a small fraction of the businesses rated are excellent enough to reach the standards set by this annual award.

City Beat News Rating Process

The City Beat News rating process relies intensively on researchers combing the Internet for information about small to medium sized local businesses. They examine blog posts, business rating services, social media, network sites, and even consumer rating sites to gather information. They carefully weigh the information provided to create an unbiased rating of each business. This information is then used to calculate an overall score for the business, and for some, this can result in the Spectrum Award.

Come See for Yourself

Southwest Jewelry Buyers is your go-to source for selling your unwanted jewelry. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Our one-on-one, by-appointment meetings are a testament to our exceptional customer service—because you should never feel rushed and you deserve our undivided attention. We know you want to get the most money for your jewelry, and we’re here whenever you’re ready for a jewelry change, upgrade, or just need a little extra cash. Come see our award-winning service for yourself.