What Do You Do with Broken or Damaged Jewelry?

October 19, 2016 By swj-eric

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You have two choices when it comes to damaged or broken jewelry. You can take the piece to a jeweler to repair it, or you can simply sell it for cash.

You might pay a jeweler to repair a piece if it’s worth a lot in sentimental value, such as a family heirloom, or if you’re a collector and you want to hang onto a piece to see if its value increases at a later date.

Selling broken jewelry, on the other hand, involves a few simple steps—and you walk away with cash afterwards. Here’s a quick guide for when you decide to sell your broken jewelry, whether you’ve had it in your family for five generations or if you just bought some items at an estate sale.

The Process of Selling Your Broken Jewelry

To get started, can call around town to get a ballpark figure for your broken jewelry. You may be able to get a rough estimate regarding the value of scrap gold and other precious metals online, but pieces with gems are a bit trickier. That’s why you need to bring your pieces into a jewelry shop to determine its true selling potential.

What Jewelers Look For

When it comes to jewelry, you don’t need a certificate showing the vital stats regarding your diamonds or other gemstones. Jewelers trained by the Gemological Institute of America can accurately determine the value of these gems and metals.

Jewelers examine each gemstone for clarity, cut and carat weight. Then, they consider the current state of the jewelry market. A jeweler may decide to repair the piece and sell it on his or her own, or the professional may break it down into components and sell the metal and gems separately.

Why Selling Broken Jewelry Is Worth It

Selling your broken jewelry is a sound decision for several reasons.

First of all, the jewelry market has a tendency to be unpredictable. When prices for gold and gems are high, it’s a good idea to get the maximum amount of money you can while the market is up. Gold has remained a stable investment for years.

Additionally, repairing your broken jewelry costs money. Unfortunately, even an impressive repair job may not return the piece to its former glory. What’s more, if your broken piece is worth a lot of money, you have to get it appraised and insured against any future damage—and that means you spend even more money.

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