What Is A Round Cut Diamond?

March 4, 2020 By swj-eric

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As the name suggests, a round cut diamond is a diamond with a circular form. It’s also the most popular shape—and for a good reason! When it comes to the world of diamond features, nothing compares to the simple beauty of a round cut diamond.

Let’s explore the significance of diamond shapes and what makes round cut diamonds so spectacular.

Why Diamond Shape Matters

The shape of a diamond refers to its geometric form. This determines the overall look of the stone, and ultimately, the person who will be attracted to it. Every shape is associated with a unique style.

But beyond physical looks, a diamond’s shape also influences its level of sparkle. Some shapes can be cut with facets that offer optimal light return. The result is maximum brilliance, one of the most well-loved characteristics of a precious gem.

Diamond shape also affects how it looks when it’s being worn. For example, different shapes work best with different settings. Some shapes are also most flattering on certain hand shapes, while others are more versatile and look great on anyone.
Needless to say, shape is one of the most important features of a diamond.

About Round Cut Diamonds

A round cut diamond is equal parts classic and timeless. It will never go out of style, regardless of how the trends change. The shape can also be used in a variety of settings, making it ideal for chic modern rings, glamorous Vintage Pieces, and everything in between.

As for sparkle and brilliance? Round cut diamonds simply don’t disappoint. With an impressive 57 or 58 facets, this shape can reflect light in the most stunning way.

Plus, compared to fancy-shaped diamonds, round diamonds suit all hand and finger shapes. It’s no wonder round cut diamonds are so popular.

In fact, it’s the most common diamond shape. About 75% of diamonds sold are round cut.

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