How Are Diamonds Formed?

January 3, 2019 By swj-eric

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Receiving a diamond can feel like the start of a new journey. After all, there’s so much potential to make memories with a gemstone, even if you decide to Sell Your Jewelry one day. But have you ever thought about the journey of a diamond? By the time it reaches your fingers, it’s already had quite the trip.

Now, we aren’t alluding to the way diamonds are turned into jewelry. We aren’t even talking about how diamonds are mined.

Instead, we’re referring to how diamonds are formed, one of Mother Nature’s many talents. Here’s a look at the amazing process.

The life of a diamond starts at least 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface.

The formation of a diamond requires two conditions: high temperature and high pressure. Without one or the other, a diamond can’t naturally grow.

These conditions are only found beneath the earth’s crust, about 100 miles deep. This layer is called the upper mantle.

In this part of the earth, it’s at least 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a lot of pressure — more than 725,000 pounds per square inch — due to the heaviness of the earth’s crust.

Together, the extreme temperature and pressure create the perfect environment for growing diamonds.

Diamonds form when carbon is exposed to these special conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds do not come from coal.

It all starts with pure carbon. When carbon atoms are exposed to high temperature and pressure, they form extremely strong bonds.

Over billions of years, carbon atoms continue to accumulate in an orderly fashion, creating a rigid network. Specifically, each carbon atom tightly attaches to four other carbons.

This explains why diamonds are so hard. On its own, a carbon atom has four electrons that are available to bond with other atoms. But when diamonds form, all four electrons are involved with a bond.

The result is a crystal that’s strong, tough, and beautiful.

How do miners find the diamonds that are used in jewelry?

Luckily, Earth has its own way of bringing diamonds close enough to the surface so miners can get them.

When a volcanic eruption takes place deep inside the earth, magma travels through cracks called Kimberlite pipes. This eruption brings diamonds toward the surface.

So, when the magma cools, miners can search for diamonds that are eventually used for jewelry.

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Knowing how diamonds are formed is just one way of appreciating these beautiful gemstones.

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