Scottsdale History: Fashion Square Once Considered a Risky Addition

February 12, 2018 By swj-eric

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While some longstanding residents may remember a time before Scottsdale Fashion Square opened its doors, many of us have grown up going to the iconic shopping center.

But here’s something you might not know: “the mall” was once considered a risky business venture.

See, back in the 1940s, would-be developers said the location was too far from Phoenix and Scottsdale and worried shoppers wouldn’t make the trip.

If not for the vision of a man named Harry Lenart, who eventually purchased the site, Scottsdale Fashion Square may not have become one of the premier shopping destinations in the state.

A Shopper’s Paradise

Now the largest mall in Arizona and among the biggest in the country, Scottsdale Fashion Square is just one of many reasons why Scottsdale is considered a shopper’s paradise. What started out as just a few stores in 1961 is now a booming retail venue that attracts 11 million visitors annually.

With more than 200 unique stores, visitors have no trouble finding the latest fashion trends—from clothing and accessories to our personal favorite: jewelry.

SWJB is Proud to Serve Our Local Community

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