Jewelry Trends of 2017 and Beyond: What to Sell and What to Buy

August 23, 2017 By swj-eric

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Avid jewelry fans know the seller’s market is largely influenced by what’s trending in the world of fashion. If you’re hoping to sell old piece of jewelry for its maximum value (or you’d like to earn a little extra for a new piece) it helps to keep an eye on the current jewelry trends.

If you’re in the market to sell, we’ve compiled a quick list of fashion jewelry that’s been flying off display shelves this year:

Hoop Earrings – Although one could argue that hoops never go out of style, they are simply on fire this year and, for those who can pull it off, bigger is better.

Stackable Bracelets – In case you haven’t noticed, stacking is huge this year, especially when it comes to bracelets. And no worries if you don’t have a matching set, since mixing materials and colors is prevalent, which means anything goes.

Cuff Bracelets – Cuffs are never really gone, but they’re pulling double duty this year, since they look fantastic all alone or, like everything else this year, bunched in an elegant “clique.”

Pendant Necklaces – Although always on point when worn alone, the “stackable” trend has made pendants wildly popular. The best part: it doesn’t matter whether the pendants, themselves, are precious, semi-precious, gold, or silver, since mixing any or all of them is currently tres chic.

Anklets – To stack or not to stack – that is entirely up to the fashionista who wears them. All you need to know is that they’re red-hot again.

Precious and Semi-precious Statement Rings – Avant-garde showstoppers are ruling the ring landscape these days and – no surprise – everything goes with everything. Also, rings are as much a part of the “stackable” trend as anything else this year, so the time is right for selling “skinny” rings too.

Chandelier Earrings – They’ve been showing up on runways recently and are poised to make a big comeback. And although diamonds will never disappoint, chandeliers will be in demand no matter the stone.

Pearls – For neck, ear, wrist or finger, pearls are making their way back, but in unexpected ways. Traditional pearls will take a backseat to fun, far-out designs and settings.

Monograms – Whether the initials of a house of fashion (in which case you can’t go wrong) or your own, monograms will soon be popping up everywhere, especially on necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Suggestions for Jewelry Sellers and Buyers:

If you’re serious about buying and selling pieces that are as much an investment as they are a statement, here are a few things to remember:

  • Brand Names – Pieces from Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston and names with similar prestige are much more likely to hold, or even increase in, value.
  • Know Your Stones – Being able to aptly judge the quality of precious and semi-precious stones, alike, will go far in helping you make sound investments when purchasing and in ensuring you’re not being taken advantage of when selling.
  • Understand the Market – Precious metal and stone prices fluctuate, so if you’re going to deal in jewelry, even as a hobby, you need to make it your business to research current market trends.
  • Develop Relationships With Buyers You Can Trust – If you want to get a fair return on pieces you’d like to sell, it’s imperative to deal with people you can trust.

Whether buying or selling, you should be sure the company or person you’re    

          dealing with:

  • Is BBB Accredited (preferably with an A+ rating)
  • Holds degrees from a certified, reputable gemological institute
  • Has excellent testimonials from (actual) satisfied customers
  • Has stellar reviews on independent review sites
  • Has a sterling local reputation

It may interest you to know that Southwest Jewelry Buyers, Arizona’s award-winning, premier jewelry buyers, can check every box. So if you’re interested in selling your fine jewelry to someone who will treat you fairly, professionally and ethically, reach out anytime to schedule an appointment.