Looking for Extra Income in Arizona During This Uncertain Time? Sell Gold in Phoenix

July 9, 2020 By swj-eric

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People everywhere are coping with the fallout from the recent COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their lives and livelihood.

Widespread social distancing and shelter-in-place policies, though necessary for human health and safety, forced many businesses to take unexpected steps to stay operational. For some, that meant closing their doors temporarily and laying off workers. For others, it meant permanent closure, leaving countless workers out of a job and wondering how to make ends meet.

Have you considered selling your unwanted gold to get cash quickly?

Chances are, you have some gold laying around that you don’t use. It could be a few pieces of gold jewelry that you don’t wear anymore, or maybe you have some old coins and trinkets collecting dust that you don’t know what to do with.

You may not realize it, but that unused gold could be a source of extra income when you need it most, especially now as many people are working hard to make ends meet and get back to a sense of normalcy.

If you’re looking to sell gold in the Phoenix area, Southwest Jewelry Buyers in the Scottsdale Airpark pays the top price in the valley for gold pieces of any kind.

Even your broken or damaged gold jewelry is worth something.

Southwest Jewelry Buyers will purchase your unwanted gold of any type, size, or quantity. Whether you have broken or damaged gold jewelry you’re not sure what to do with, old gold pieces collecting dust, or even odd pieces like gold teeth, Southwest Jewelry Buyers will happily take them off your hands. Bring us your:

  • unwanted jewelry
  • broken jewelry
  • gold coins and medallions
  • gold teeth and fillings
  • old gold watches
  • scrap gold

What does the selling process involve?

At Southwest Jewelry Buyers, our goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to sell your unwanted gold.

Just give us a call at 480.773.8004 or send us a message using our simple online form, and we can set up an appointment for an evaluation. Once you come in, the process is simple and straightforward. One of our expert appraisers will evaluate your items and provide you with a free no-obligation quote. After that, you will receive an instant payment for the determined value.

Sell gold in the Phoenix area at Southwest Jewelry Buyers.

In addition to paying the best prices for your gold, the team at Southwest Jewelry Buyers is committed to providing honest and ethical transactions for every customer. All transactions are completely confidential, and every appraiser who inspects, grades, and prices your gold has attended and passed the rigorous classes and exams established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Southwest Jewelry Buyers is licensed by the city of Scottsdale and has been awarded an A+ rating and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. We understand the hardship the COVID-19 pandemic has brought for many individuals, and we are proud to be able to do our part to help people get back on their feet again.

Contact us today for a free estimate!