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OVER A CENTURY OF INNOVATION, EXCELLENCE, AND PRESTIGE Nowhere in the world does the iconic five-spiked crown go unrecognized.  Since 1926, when Rolex introduced the world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch—the Oyster—the company has established a reputation for producing flawless timepieces that are known throughout the globe for their beauty, toughness,...

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Where to Sell a Watch in Scottsdale

  There are a whole lot of reasons to consider selling that watch of yours. Perhaps it was recently inherited, takes up too much space in your current watch collection, or you’d simply prefer the cash. Whatever the reason, you have plenty of options for selling your watch. First Things First: Is Your...

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Jewelry Has Gone Tech

  Jewelry is such an engrained part of our culture that now technology is beginning to meld with jewelry in a movement called “wearable tech”. The Apple watch is only one example of the ways that technology will soon become fashionable. Jewelbots are another example. These are friendship bracelets that...

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