All About Oval Cut Diamonds

April 21, 2020 By swj-eric

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An oval cut diamond is a type of fancy-shaped diamond. It’s often described as an elongated, oblong version of a Round Cut. This kind of diamond is more tall than wide, much like the shape of an egg.

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History Of The Oval Cut Diamond

Oval-shaped diamonds have been used since the 1300s. However, the modern-day oval diamond wasn’t created until the 1950s. 

Lazare Kaplan, a famous diamond cutter, perfected the oval cut in 1957. His version featured 58 facets, which made it look larger than round cuts. It had more brilliance than other fancy cut diamonds, too.

Considering Kaplan’s reputation as one of the best diamond cutters in history, it’s no surprise he was responsible for this beautiful cut. He was extremely skilled at cleaving—or slicing—undesirable gemstones to remove their imperfections.

In fact, Kaplan had such a monumental impact he was dubbed Honorary Vice President of the GIA in 1964.

Today, the modern oval diamond lives on as one of the most popular diamond cuts.


What Makes Oval Cut Diamonds So Special?

Thanks to its classic and traditional form, the round cut diamond is the most common diamond shape. The oval shape, however, is ideal for people who want something that’s a little more unique. Many folks prefer the oval cut because it’s simple yet different.

An oval diamond can be paired with a wide range of settings. Additionally, its oblong shape makes fingers look slimmer and longer.

Oval diamonds also appear bigger than other fancy shapes. This is due to its large surface area and elongated form.

Finally, an oval cut offers a stunning level of brilliance. The result is a breathtaking, sparkling gemstone that’s both glamorous and timeless.


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Thanks to their classic shape and excellent brilliance, oval cut diamonds are highly coveted gemstones. So, if you own one—don’t hesitate to sell it. As one of the most popular cuts, your gemstone is valuable.

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