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What Does ‘Diamond Cut’ Mean?

When most people hear “diamond cut,” shapes like ovals and hearts come to mind. But contrary to popular belief, the Cut Of A Diamond doesn’t necessarily refer to its geometric figure. If you plan to Sell Your Diamond, it helps to know what diamond cut means. This will give you...

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All About Oval Cut Diamonds

An oval cut diamond is a type of fancy-shaped diamond. It’s often described as an elongated, oblong version of a Round Cut. This kind of diamond is more tall than wide, much like the shape of an egg. Are you thinking of Selling an Oval Diamond? You’ll be glad to...

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What Is a Princess Cut Diamond?

Princess cut. Even the name sounds special. That’s because it is. Second, only to the round brilliant cut in terms of popularity, princess cut diamonds are one of the most sought-after diamond styles for contemporary engagement rings and a gorgeous example of modern gem cutting ability. Which means if you decide to sell...

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