Timing is Everything: When to Sell Your Diamond

December 6, 2019 By swj-eric

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Are you looking to let go of your diamonds? If so, you’ve likely noticed some (or all) of the Signs That It’s Time To Sell Your Old Jewelry. But even after you’ve moved on and made that decision, you may be unsure of when to sell your diamond.

Here’s what you need to know about timing and how it can affect your profit.

Diamond Retail Vs. Diamond Buyers

When it comes to a diamond’s resale value, timing is a major factor.

But the influence of timing isn’t the same in every scenario. That’s because where you Sell Your Diamond is as important as the diamond itself.

In the diamond retail industry, jewelry stores operate according to flow of seasonal sales. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to buy diamond jewelry when consumer demand is high. This includes three major calendar events: the holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Specifically, the peak period for diamond sales is around Thanksgiving, just before the holiday season.

You’ll have better luck Selling Your Diamond Jewelry around this time. However, keep in mind that jewelry stores are retail businesses. Their main goal is to make a profit, so they typically offer low price points.

Diamond buyers, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily driven by timing. They want to buy diamonds throughout the year, regardless of the holiday or season. In turn, your diamond’s resale value will be driven by its unique qualities — not consumer demand.

For Diamond Buyers, Market Trends Matter Most

While diamond buyers aren’t influenced by seasons, they do pay attention to the timing of market trends.

And while the market value for diamonds is consistently high, it’s still crucial to work with a diamond buyer who is familiar with the most current trends.

What Else Determines A Diamond’s Resale Value?

In addition to market trends, other that influence the resale price of your diamond. This includes the 4 Cs Of Diamond Quality, which include:

It also matters if your piece is a natural or synthetic diamond.

Sell Your Diamonds All Year Round At Southwest Jewelry Buyers

Since Southwest Jewelry Buyers isn’t motivated by holiday shopping trends, the best time to sell a diamond is when you are ready.

Of course, our professional GIA-Trained Gemologists will certainly consider the current market trends. But between their expert knowledge of diamond quality and the consistently high demand for diamonds, you can be sure that you’ll receive top dollar for your gemstone.

As for other precious stones and metals? We’re familiar with their market trends too. So, bring in those unwanted items and we’ll take a look. It’s time to turn those dusty pieces into cash!

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