Tiffany’s Coming Back in a New Way

May 25, 2015 By swj-eric

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Jewelry and fashion is influenced by what the rich and famous wear on the red carpet.  For example Cate Blanchett istantly gives notoriety to any design that she wears, and the proof is in all the knock-offs that find their way into the market.  Tiffany’s has created some incredible designs, and has managed to keep long time customers investing in the blue box time and time again.

Just this last February was the Oscars in which Cate Blanchett made her usual stunning appearance on the red carpet.  This time Blanchett was in a beautiful silk velvet sheath and it was a vision of style and modern trend.  Her dress was designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela, and was so conspicuous for its lack of frippery it might have easily been interpreted as an emblem of Mr. Galliano’s continuing public chastening.

The point was not the dress, however. The dress was just a foil for what was draped about Ms. Blanchett’s milky throat.

The jeweled bib was an absolute “statement” of a necklace, and the Five hundred carats of turquoise beads on the surface was undulated with diamond-capped pins.  Beneath them lay a platinum armature to which were affixed 400 additional carats of stones – turquoise cabochon, faceted diamonds, aquamarines all contrived to imitate the effect of sunlight refracted through water.

Whether the 36.6 million Oscars viewers were aware of this subtlety, the scene-stealing bib had the commercially desirable effect of making the million-dollar gems on other entertainers look like so much borrowed ice.