How to Sell Estate Jewelry

While estate jewelry pieces may come into the hands of sellers via auctions or estate sales, many times these pieces belonged to a loved one or deceased relative. This factor brings a personal and emotional connection to the pieces beyond their monetary value. For this reason, the decision to sell estate jewelry carries great weight and requires gentle hands.

Estate Jewelry

Traditionally, the term estate jewelry refers to jewelry or timepieces which are pre-owned or second hand. The designation of “estate” typically means the item is vintage, antique or otherwise significant. Dated by time periods such as Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro and more, estate jewelry comes in all kinds of designs and draws a variety of buyers.

The value of estate jewelry rests on several factors. Often not as valuable as new, estate pieces can draw a good price if the style is classic or contemporary (in other words, desirable) and in good condition without damage. Antique pieces differ from those which are simply out-of-date and draw higher prices.

Selling estate jewelry in Scottsdale, Arizona should bring assurance and peace of mind to the seller with a beautiful piece to the buyer. For this selling success, do your research. The information below should get you started.

Before the Sale

Before selling estate jewelry, the following three steps prove important:

— Get a Professional Appraisal

While less valuable pieces do well with the evaluation of a few pawnbrokers plus a review of similar options at the pawn shops, pieces with great value are best handled by reputable, qualified gem and fine jewelry dealers. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification and a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) protect your pieces.

— Know the General Value of the Jewelry

While you do not need to be an expert, having a general idea of a piece’s value protects you from scams in the marketplace. Knowledge of current silver and gold values and the four C’s of diamond value keep you in the know.

— Treat the Piece to a Professional Cleaning

Allow a professional to clean your estate jewelry prior to sale. This step extends the life of the piece, makes it attractive to buyers, potentially brings a higher price and protects it from the potential damage of washing it yourself.

The Sale

Several options exist for selling estate jewelry. However, some options may prove more appropriate for departing with treasured pieces, especially those of greater value. In any case, selling requires the art of compromise. Factors of dollar worth, quickness of return and transaction ease play into how much you will receive in return.

A Caution as You Consider Your Options

Some sellers look to gold dealers to offload their pieces quickly. In some cases, this proves a viable option. However, be aware that scrap gold dealers take into account the weight of the gold only. Factors of craftsmanship, designer, the inclusion of gems and the year the piece was produced raise the value. Therefore, this option does not always bring the best return.

Pawn and second hand shops provide walk-in with jewelry, walk-out with cash options. Paying a cash value which is a percentage of a piece’s intrinsic value, the amount these dealers pay varies from 33 percent to 90 percent of the intrinsic value. Visiting several shops helps determine the best price.

For those with the time to wait, Craigslist, Amazon and eBay offer selling options with eBay ranking well for jewelry sales. While fees associated with these options tend to be low, the risk of not finding a buyer exists.

Consignment shops work for sellers with time as well but tend to offer a higher price. The type and condition of the jewelry you intend to sell will determine whether you choose a second hand bargain store or an elite jewelry store. Knowing a store’s process and policies remain important.

For highly valued pieces, auction houses may prove an option in some cases. And, local auction houses offer a platform for mid-range jewelry. In either case, the risk is the unknown outcome.

Your Best Option for Selling Estate Jewelry

The best option for selling estate jewelry falls into the hands of an accredited, professional jewelry buyer. Southwest Jewelry Buyers has offered quality buying experiences since 2000. Their promise to handle your pieces and relationship with care and attention holds up in customer testimonials.

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