How Much Can I Get for My Diamonds?

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend—but they can also be a great friend to your wallet. When looking to sell your diamonds for extra money, make sure to sell to a reputable company qualified to price and value your diamonds.

Diamond Details: Verifying the Value

Many different factors contribute to the ultimate value of a diamond. Similar to gold jewelry, there are different carats and mixtures which influence the final price.

To determine the most accurate buying price for your diamonds, jewelers consider:

  • Carat weight: Jewelers measure the weight of your diamond
  • Clarity: Jewelers look for blemishes or other particles inside your diamond
  • Color: When the diamond is inspected, the jeweler looks to see if it has a yellow tint, or is clear
  • Cut: Jewelers look at the cut to see how well the diamond reflects and refracts light

Diamonds that meet or exceed expectations for clarity, color, and cut can easily sell for more than $10,000 retail, even with a 1.00 carat weight; however, the resale value doesn’t typically measure up to the retail value.

The more important value jewelers analyze is the wholesale value, something that changes daily. Once the initial price is determined, the jeweler adjusts the price by the cut grade of the individual diamond.

Selling in Scottsdale: Southwest Jewelry Buyers

Since 2000, Southwest Jewelry Buyers has been the leading location for Scottsdale, AZ-area residents to sell their jewelry. Because of their wide base of national and international buying clients, they are able to offer high prices for jewelry, and will pay you for your diamonds or diamond jewelry the same day you have your piece evaluated.

To learn more about how you can sell your diamonds in the Valley, contact us today to set up an appointment in our convenient Scottsdale Airpark location.