Spring Jewelry Colors

November 27, 2015 By swj-eric

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Popular colors and fashion trends determine which pieces of jewelry will be a hit and which ones miss the mark.  Look over the colors many brands are using for their Spring 2016 collections, and then find the matching jewelry!


Pantone, is the authority on worldwide color matching, and in their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016 we learn all the ins and outs to be in style this year.  Made to coincide with New York Fashion week, the bi-annual event highlighted 10 shades that the designers of the world are flocking too this Spring.

This year’s color palette was the inspiration of folks who want to unplug from the world of technology, and simply relax from the cares of the world.  “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.”

This unisex palette falls into the color trends we’ve recently been seeing in the gemstone world. During the Arizona Gem and Jewelry Show in February, we noticed a variety of red and pink gemstones as well as seas of blues and greens. Interestingly enough, seven of the ten colors in this Spring 2016 Color Report fall within these two categories, reinforcing the importance of these gemstone hues. Peach Echo, Fiesta and Rose Quartz (gemstone alert!) have us feeling red hot and tickled pink. The relaxing tones of Serenity, Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shell have us dreaming of sitting by the sea. Green Flash and Buttercup provide a vivid pop of color, peaking our curiosity. No palette is complete without your go-to neutrals — Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee are the finishing touches on this refreshing color report.

When selecting pieces to stock your showcases in the coming months, keep these bright gemstone colors in mind. Sapphires and turquoise will be hotter than ever with the introduction of the blue hues like Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shell. Rubies and peridot won’t be reserved just for the July and August birthstones with the focus on Fiesta and Green Flash. And of course, the color Rose Quartz will bring its namesake gemstone into the spotlight! 

Recently Etsy held a seminar in which designer and social media maven Molly Clarke, of The Ring Liaison and Rock That Gem, shared some secret — and simple — tricks of Instagram to set your brand apart.  One thing Molly mentioned was that Instagram is a community that is creative and focused on positive energy while sharing with others, so there is no reason to be shy.  Instead you need to make your brand known by standing out!

Here are 7 tips for succeeding with Instagram:

1. Great Photos

When possible use natural light and highlight the quality and focus of the picture. If you’re going to use a filter be sure to use the same one for all pictures.  This will give your pictures brand consistency throughout.   This will also give your brand a unique look, and be sure to add an interesting background or setting every now and then.  Don’t be afraid to use wrapping paper or splashes of color in your photos too.  Check out @violettinder for a look at a very consistent and unique brand photo style.

2. Hastag (#) Your Products

The Hastag (#) is an easy way to tag your brand photos so people can easily search through your inventory.  Be sure to use beautifully constructed sentences to help your brand really stand out and capture the imagination of the jewelry.  You don’t want to use too many hastags in your main description though.  So another technique to simply comment on your own piece with as many hastags as you feel is appropriate.    That way your product is cluttered and people can still find your jewelry.  We’ve included @wanderluxejewelry below as an example of this smart hashtag trick!


@wanderluxejewelry definitely #rocksinstagram and she knows how to make use of the comment for additional hashtags.

3. Daily Posting

The key to a successful Instagram is daily posting.  If you can post at least once a day that is great, if not post as many times a week as possible.  Be sure to pay attention to what time and what content sparks the most interaction with your community.  Then tailor your posts to get more views.

4. Creative, but Relevant

You don’t need to be professional all the time, but you do want to make sure your creative posts are still relevant to your audience.  Some topics that might work is the celebration of your milestones, news stories in the industry, opinion pieces on trends, photos of your design process, and so on.

5. Make the Most of Helpful Apps

Molly offered a hit list of apps that help make your Instagram photos and videos stand apart:

6. Regram

If you’re not regraming and sharing other posts then you’re not truly being a member of the Instagram community.  If someone wears your product and sends you a picture, then you need to regram it.  Pay attention to other important followers and regram them when wearing your brand.  Let others see that people love your jewelry!

To succeed on Instagram all you need is phone camera, a passion for your product, a little creativity and very steady hands. Get started today and tag your posts with #rockthatinstagram to show Molly and others how you’re incorporating these tips! For inspiration, check out Molly Clarke on Instagram @ringliaison and @rockthatgem.

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