How Do I Sell My Platinum Jewelry? Scottsdale, Arizona

August 31, 2016 By swj-eric

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If you have jewelry that is boxed up and never worn—or you just want to make a little extra money—you may be considering selling your platinum jewelry. This highly valued, costly, and precious metal has become one of the most popular for rings, watches, pins and more.

Platinum: A Popular Option

Platinum is one of the most highly sought-after choices because of its durability and resiliency. The metal rarely tarnishes, making it popular for jewelry, as the skin’s oil or sweat won’t cause damage to the piece of jewelry. Both gold and platinum are soft metals, so they require some additives to strengthen the pieces; jewelry made with platinum is usually between 90 and 95 percent pure platinum. As a result, it typically costs more than gold jewelry — sometimes as much as three to four times as much.

Because of its value, platinum is frequently used in custom jewelry pieces. This cost, though, keeps it from being used as often as gold or silver.

How Can I Sell My Platinum Pieces?

Check your pieces before you go to sell. Just like gold, platinum jewelry has a stamp that tells you how much pure platinum is in the piece. You’ll see a stamp of Platinum, Plat, or Pt, along with the numbers 850, 900, or 950. Most often are 950 and 900, which shows the ratio of platinum and another metal, usually cobalt or iridium, although there are some alloys with gold. To be labeled platinum, though, the Federal Trade Commission requires the piece to be at least 90 percent pure platinum.

Keep in mind that pieces with engravings, scrollwork, and gems, as well as vintage or antique jewelry will bring a higher price, as will platinum jewelry with a higher platinum content.

Where to Sell Platinum Jewelry

There are many different places that claim to buy platinum jewelry. When you’re ready to sell, check out several different stores, and have a plan in place.

Are you planning on looking for another piece of jewelry? You may get more for your platinum jewelry if the jeweler knows you’ll be spending money at the same store. Additionally, bringing a receipt can help to validate your purchase and get you more money.

There are many jewelers and shops that will weigh the jewelry because they plan to melt it down and sell the platinum. If a shop does this, ask about the quality points your jewelry might receive for its unique characteristics.

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