Rolex Watches: The Manufacturing Process

February 26, 2020 By swj-eric

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As one of the world’s most luxurious brands, Rolex is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and design. Perhaps you’ve witnessed the beauty of a Rolex watch in person or have been lucky enough to own one. In either case, there’s no doubt that Rolex has mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality fine watches.

To understand what makes this extraordinary timepiece so valuable, let’s explore the manufacturing process of Rolex watches. This will give you an idea of what to expect should you ever decide to Sell Your Watch.

Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

As you may already know, Rolex is a Swiss brand. Most of the manufacturing process takes place in three locations in Geneva, Switzerland: Chêne-Bourg, Plan-les-OuFates, and Acacias. However, the watch movements are created in Bienne, which is about two hours away.

How Rolex Watches Are Created

Unsurprisingly, Rolex is secretive about their exact manufacturing process. It is possible, however, to get an idea of how it unfolds by learning about what the company is known for.
Here’s a general look at how Rolex Watches are made. Though the chronological order of these steps is unclear, it can help you understand the spectacular and timeless work that goes into every timepiece.

1. Gemologists Buy And Test Incoming Diamonds

A team of gemologists is in charge of selecting, purchasing, and checking Diamonds to make sure they’re real. The trained gemologists also set each diamond—by hand—into Rolex watches. This step, along with other gem-related tasks, takes place in the Chêne-Bourg location in Geneva.

2. Dialmakers Create The Faces Of Rolex

At the same site, dialmakers design and produce the watch faces that have become recognized around the world. Dialmakers combine traditional knowledge and advanced technology to create each stunning dial.

3. Gold Is Made In-House

At the Plan-les-Ouates site in Geneva, Rolex produces gold on-site. Specifically, they make 18 carat gold alloys, including yellow gold, White Gold, and their exclusive pink gold called Everose gold. This is a feature of Rolex that makes it stand above the rest.

4. Movements Are Assembled By Hand

Watch movements are produced in the Bienne location. More than 2,000 employees build and hand-assemble the tiny parts of each Rolex movement. This portion of the manufacturing process is done by watchmakers and experienced technicians.

5. Watches Are Hand-Assembled

The Acacias site in Geneva is the Rolex headquarters. It’s also where the three other locations deliver the finished watch parts. Here, the components are finally assembled into a luxury watch.

But the process isn’t over yet. Each watch is checked for quality control and meticulously examined according to strict standards. This, along with the craftsmanship of each component, is what makes Rolex so unique.

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The manufacturing process of a Rolex watch takes about one year to complete. And when you consider the care, skill, and expertise that goes into each piece, it’s easy to see why Rolex watches are some of the Most Valuable Watches In The World.

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