Recycle: Sell Diamond Rings to a Jewler

April 9, 2015 By swj-eric

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The diamond ring has left the jewelry box only twice in the 15 years since Aunt Helen presented it as a gift. Although the sentiment was lovely, the ring simply doesn’t get worn. And now there is a new snag: the youngest member of the family needs braces. The choice becomes clear—sell the diamond ring. But with that decision comes more questions: How? Where? To Whom?

Where to Sell A Diamond Ring

Vintage goods have increased in popularity. The current trend tends towards reusing and recycling, and this includes jewelry. A solid market exists for the resale of pre-owned diamond rings.

In this established market, there are various ways to sell a diamond ring: direct seller-to-buyer (like Craigslist or eBay), consignment, or direct to a jeweler. Seller-to-buyer can yield the highest price for the ring. However, serious security risks exist when selling high dollar merchandise to a stranger. Steps must be taken to ensure one’s physical security (like not selling from home and making the exchange in a populated and secure location), as well as financial security (refusing to accept personal checks and avoiding scams). Selling a ring on consignment involves waiting for the right buyer to come along, which may or may not happen. Selling directly to a jeweler offers a more financial security, since the jeweler will pay up front for the ring.

Why Sell Jewelry to Southwestern Jewelry Buyers?

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