Mysteries of the Universe: How is Gold Made?

September 6, 2019 By swj-eric

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Like UFOs, gold also comes from another planet. Well, actually, not another planet, but from outer space. Gold, in its purest form, isn’t made at all, but rather formed naturally when two stars in the universe collide.

Kind of makes your gold wedding band or your favorite gold necklace even more unique, doesn’t it?

If you’re thinking of selling your gold jewelry, or simply out of pure curiosity, take a minute to learn the history behind how gold came into existence.

The death (and birth) of a star leads to gold

According to scientists, many stars in the universe are binary systems, meaning, like soulmates, what appears as one star is actually two separate stars bound together by gravity, orbiting around each other forever – inseparable.

These two stars orbit closely for hundreds of millions of years; alas, their cosmic tango can’t go on indefinitely. Eventually the stars collide, creating a brand new star, and neutron-star material that decays into platinum, gold, and other heavy metals. 

It’s mind-blowing when you realize the bracelet you’re wearing or the gold ring you wear every day are not originally of this world.

So, if this all takes place in outer space, how do we have gold here on Earth?

The gold you’re wearing right now arrived on our planet billions of years ago. One highly-regarded theory is that gold arrived on Earth as the result of a massive meteorite bombardment shortly after the formation of the core of our planet — about 20 billion tons of asteroid material that hit the earth!

It might also be surprising to learn that most of the Earth’s gold mine lies at its core, and under the ocean. In fact, there are enough precious metals in our planet’s core to cover the entire surface of  Earth with a 13-foot layer. That’s a lot of bling!

Why haven’t we tapped into this gold mine of gold mines?

It’s just not cost-effective to mine gold from under the ocean or even remotely close to the core of the earth. Instead, we have to mine the gold that’s closest to the surface of our planet – gold that was carried there by geological activity since the meteorite strike all those eons ago.

Think about that for a minute: Not only is your gold ring or bracelet from outer space, it’s also made from materials that are a gazillion years old.

Let’s face it: We only have an infinite amount of accessible gold on our planet, making it even more important to recycle the gold jewelry we now have. And this is also why gold is so valuable.

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Now that you know where gold comes from, when it’s time to sell, you won’t want to take any less than your cosmically original piece is worth.

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