Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

June 23, 2017 By swj-eric

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Eternity has long been symbolized by a circle.

And while every ring given as a gift carries sentimentality, eternity rings carry particular significance and meaning.

What Is an Eternity Ring—and What Does It Symbolize?

Also referred to as an infinity ring or eternity band, these rings symbolize unending love. But don’t be confused, these rings differ from standard engagement or wedding rings.

Instead, eternity rings are typically given as a gift to mark a particularly meaningful event, such as an anniversary or birth of a child. These rings require immaculate skill to be crafted by hand, increasing its value and sentiment.

See, the concept of “eternity” is represented by diamonds (or other gemstones) that are set around the entire ring. The diamonds or gemstones wrap around the ring continuously—symbolizing unending love.

Different Types of Eternity Rings

While a full band of diamonds is striking, the underhand-side of the ring can sometimes catch easily. Because of this, “half” eternity rings are a popular alternative.

Don’t let the name deter you—the meaning of a “full” or “half” eternity ring is identical.

However, “half” eternity rings simply have the gemstones set along the top half of the ring. This gives almost the same visual appeal of a “full” eternity ring, but with more practicality and comfort.

The Price of a Priceless Gift

Generally, “half” eternity rings are more affordable, but also allow for larger gemstones to be used.

The price of eternity rings altogether depends on the metal and stones used in the ring. And while there really is no limit on how expensive these can be, the price is dependent on:

  • How many diamonds or gemstones are used
  • The carat weight
  • Quality of the stones and metals

And eternity rings come with an eternity of options.

Aside from the stone and metal choices, these rings can use almost any diamond cut or setting style to represent each unique relationship.

When to Give an Eternity Ring

Traditions sure have changed.

Believe it or not, gemstones were traditionally never given as a gift until the fortieth wedding anniversary.

Even at this point, rubies were considered the only acceptable gemstone to give.

It wasn’t until the sixtieth wedding anniversary that diamonds—thus, eternity rings—were considered an appropriate gift.

But times have certainly changed, and eternity rings are most commonly given as a gift for ten-year anniversaries or to commemorate the birth of a couple’s first child.

That being said, eternity rings can be given at any time to represent infinite love between two partners. Luckily, our modern world has less strict rules on what gifts can be given and when. In fact, it is now considered trendy for both men and women to sport these eternity rings.

Give the Gift of Eternity

Sometimes, an eternity is too long to hold on to these rings. Whatever the circumstance, if you’re looking to part ways with your eternity ring, a local jewelry buyer can purchase your piece for a fair price.

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