Marquise Diamonds: Everything You Should Know

May 13, 2019 By swj-eric

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When it comes to precious gems, most people are familiar with traditional round diamonds. But what do you know about marquise diamonds? As a classic and unique cut, this particular diamond shape has many impressive traits. It also has a fascinating history of how it came to be.

Whether you’re looking to Sell A Diamond or simply love gems, you’ll appreciate this breathtaking cut. Here’s what you need to know about marquise diamonds.

What Is A Marquise Diamond?

Essentially, a marquise is an oval shape with two pointed ends. It’s sometimes called a football-shaped cut or navette, which means “little boat” or “little ship” in French.

Symmetry is an important aspect of marquise diamonds. If it isn’t perfectly symmetrical, the uneven shape will be extremely noticeable.

If a marquise diamond is symmetrical, the left and right sides will be mirror images. The pointed ends should also line up. Moreover, a marquise diamond with a symmetrical shape will ensure that it can properly fit into a setting.

Marquise Diamond History                               

The history of the marquise diamond started in 18th century France. It’s said that King Louis XV of France wanted a diamond that looked like the lips of Jean Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, the official royal mistress and member of the French court.

So, he commissioned a jeweler to create an entirely new diamond shape inspired by her pout. It’s safe to say King Louis XV was head over heels for Jean Antoinette Poisson!

Advantages Of Marquise Diamonds

Every Diamond Cut has advantages, and marquise diamonds are no exception.

The long and narrow shape of a marquise can enhance its perceived size. In other words, the marquise can appear bigger than it actually is.

Its shape can make the wearer’s fingers look elongated, too.

How Common Are Marquise Diamonds?

Despite their beauty and elegance, marquise diamonds are rarely used in Engagement Rings. Most pieces are made with round, oval, or princess cut diamonds.

Yet, if you have a marquise diamond, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell it. Your diamond is still worth something! A knowledgeable jewelry buyer like Southwest Jewelry Buyers can explain how much you can make off your gem.

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