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How to do a Vintage Wedding

If you want a classy wedding that makes you standout then a Vintage wedding is for you.  The look is distinct yet isn’t pricey, and in fact may save you a ton ofmoney.  If you’re going to go that route though there is some specifics that need to be present…besides the ring of course!   But be sure to find the perfect ring at Southwest Jewelry Buyers.



The Vintage Wedding Dress

Why pay thousands for a wedding dress that makes you look like everyone else.  Instead, pick up a vintage bridal gown for a fraction of the price and have it altered to fit you.  Not only do you find that perfect vintage look in the dress you’ve wanted since you were a child, but you save all that extra money.

Vintage Pearls

For your table arrangements purchase a bunch of pearl necklaces.  You can find a number of them relatively inexpensive online, and then drape them over your floral arrangements.  It will make your table arrangements pop, and provide the air of vintage feel you’re looking for. You can also buy some real pearls to wear of course, and it will complete the vintage look with your wedding dress.

Vintage Rustic Signs

Vintage signs and billboards are rather easy to find online these days, so look for some that talk about love, chapels, weddings, marriage, and place them around the wedding chapel.

Vintage Birdcages

High street stores, such as The Range, Wilkinsons and even Asda all stock pretty ornamental birdcages that work perfectly for any vintage themed wedding. Fill them with flowers or even tea light candles for simple but elegant decorations you can place around your venue.

Vintage Lace

Vintage lace ads a special feel to any table clothes, and you can even find them on eBay, Hobbycraft or John Lewis.  If you find real vintage lace it might need to be cleaned first, but it will be worth it.  You’ll love the way lace makes the place stand out.



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