Gold vs. Platinum: Which Is Better?

June 7, 2019 By swj-eric

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Gold vs. Platinum: Which Is Better?

When it comes to precious metal, many people know that gold and platinum are rare, expensive, and beautiful. But what’s the difference? And is one superior to the other?

If you’re new to Selling Precious Metals — or if you already know you want to sell your gold or platinum pieces — it’s wise to know what makes these two precious metals different. Their unique characteristics play a huge role in their value, and ultimately, how much money you’ll make.

What Are The Benefits Of Gold?

In our society, gold is highly respected. This rare metal is associated with high-end jewelry, luxurious lifestyles, and trinkets fit for a king or queen.

Gold also symbolizes success and victory, as we’ve seen in competitive games where the winner receives a gold medal.

It’s also naturally yellow, which is ideal if you prefer yellow metal.

However, pure gold is quite soft, so it’s not suitable for jewelry. That’s why gold is usually strengthened with other metals, such as zinc, copper, and silver. These metals also intensify the color to make yellow gold, which is vibrant and hypoallergenic.

There are also many Types Of Gold, so there’s something for everyone. For example, pure gold can be turned into white, rose, or green gold, depending on the ratio of added metals.

White gold is a popular, cheaper alternative for platinum. It consists of gold, alloys, and a layer of rhodium plating, which creates a white finish that looks like platinum.

Unfortunately, the rhodium plating will eventually wear off and look yellow. You’ll need to have the piece regularly re-plated to keep it bright white.

What Are The Benefits Of Platinum?

While gold is held in high regard, platinum takes things to the next level.

From platinum records to platinum memberships, platinum is associated with status and prestige.

It’s also 30 times rarer than gold.

Platinum is an excellent choice for fine jewelry. Not only is it hypoallergenic, but it’s very strong and durable. This metal can withstand everyday wear, the skin’s natural oils, and extreme temperature.

Compared to gold, platinum will last — and look amazing — with minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Platinum also costs more than gold, thanks to its robustness and rarity.

Is Gold Or Platinum Better?

Some people love gold, while others are attracted to platinum. The “best” precious metal depends on your needs, preferences, and style.

But when it’s time to sell your precious metals, there is a clear winner: platinum.

Not only is it extremely rare, but its amazing strength makes it a highly desirable metal.

Platinum is also worth three to four times more than gold!

This means Selling Platinum will earn you more money than selling gold.

Southwest Jewelry Buyers Will Buy Your Platinum And Gold

Now that you know which is better, it’s time to let go of your unwanted platinum.

And while gold may not be quite as valuable as platinum, don’t let that deter you from selling it. This beautiful material is still a sought-after metal.

You can Sell Your Gold, platinum, and other precious metals at Southwest Jewelry Buyers. We’re committed to paying top dollar for your metal pieces. Plus, since 2000, our professional team have offered honest transactions in a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.

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