Is All that Glitters Really Gold? 4 Points to Know Before You Sell

May 8, 2015 By swj-eric

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Gold retains its value despite economic upheavals. During the 2008 recession, the wealthiest people in the world turned to gold for investment. That brought a lot of gold buyers into the market. If you’ve thought about responding to those TV ads, online appeals, or mail-in offers, think twice.

Know What You’re Doing When You Sell:

Your first line of protection is the Better Business Bureau. Southwest Jewelry Buyers has an A+ rating from the BBB. SWJ has been in business since 2000 and will always be honest and straightforward with you. Their office offers privacy and confidentiality.

  1. Know the quality of your pieces. Gold is rated in karats, reflecting the purity of the metal. The higher the karat value (18 karat is higher quality than 10 karat), the more valuable it is. Purest gold is 24 karat.
  2. Know the history of your pieces. If you may have something collectible or valuable for historic purposes, do a little more research. Online sites, jewelry buyers, and local collectors’ shops may provide insights.
  3. Understand weight. Gold is bought in troy ounces, grams or pennyweights (dwt). A troy ounce is approximately 31.1 grams. A pennyweight is approximately one-thousandth of a kilogram. An ethical buyer will explain how they are weighing your gold.
  4. Keep your options open. Only go to a buyer where you feel comfortable. If it doesn’t seem safe, it probably isn’t. And, be sure you can walk away if you don’t like the offer.

The professionals at Southwest Jewelry Buyers in Scottsdale will see you in person to value your gold. You will get top price for anything gold, including broken jewelry, dental fillings or replacements, coins, old watches, etc. SWJ experts give you free, no-obligation quotes with the highest price in the valley. They let you decide if it’s right for you. There’s no such flexibility when you mail in your gold.