Don’t Sell Online: Why Gold Jewelry Is Worth More In-Store

August 16, 2016 By swj-eric

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Selling old or unworn gold jewelry has become more popular than ever. But beware: Some sources have taken advantage of this heightened trend, using it as a get-rich-quick scam.

With a quick Google search, a long list of websites appear. Many of these results are from companies that are eager to ship you a paid-postage baggie to send in your gold, promising a check in return.

As crazy as this idea sounds, it happens every day.

We have put together a list of a few reasons why selling your gold to a local jewelry buyer is not only more profitable and safe, but also easier and more convenient:

Avoiding the Risk

Selling gold to an online forum or website can be a huge risk. In a business world where product and business reviews can be bought and paid for, you can’t be positive of who you are doing business with or if they are someone who deserves your trust.

Selling to a local jewelry store gives you the option to shop around. By spending a little time visiting stores and meeting potential buyers, you get an idea of who you are doing business with and which store will offer you the best price. This, however, isn’t an option with an online buyer; once you send your gold in, all you can do is hope they follow through with their business promise. Truthfully, there is no way to know if your jewelry was appraised honestly this way.

Face to Face Interactions

Selling your gold in Scottsdale to a local jewelry store gives you an opportunity to meet face to face with the person you sell your gold to. This gives you a chance to form an opinion by more than content on a webpage. A face to face interaction allows you to witness your gold being tested and weighed, making sure the buyer is being held accountable.

If selling gold in Phoenix is something you do on a regular basis, this also gives you the chance to build a business relationship based on trust. When dealing with a website or online forum, you will never be known as more than a number on a computer screen.

Weighing Your Options

Additionally, visiting a store allows you to compare the value of the merchandise they sell and the price offered for your gold jewelry. The quality and prices are often reflective of the business. If the retailer has high-quality jewelry for sale at a reasonable price, they are probably fair and care more about the reputation and longevity of their business.

You may want to ask about an item or two featured in the store. If they are knowledgeable about their inventory and take the opportunity to discuss details and explain the quality and value of a piece, they are probably more qualified to determine the worth of what you have for sale.

Once you have decided to shop around the jewelry stores in the area, be sure to visit Southwest Jewelry Buyers. We are fair, honest, and respectable when it comes to buying your gold and jewelry.