Is It Time to Sell Your Wedding Ring?

Due to our society’s view of sentimental, expensive items—Selling Your Wedding Ring may seem taboo. This is especially likely if you’re new to selling jewelry or owning high-end pieces.

Yet, if you’re recently (or not-so-recently) divorced, it’s worth giving it some serious thought.

Not sure if you’re ready? Look for these signs that it’s time to sell your wedding ring.

1. Your Ring Holds Bad Memories

Take note if your ring sparks thoughts of unpleasant or painful memories. Selling the piece could help you move on, depending on the situation.

That’s not to say selling your ring will “erase” that part of your life. But physically letting it go may be a big step toward finding inner peace.

2. You Constantly Wonder How Much It’s Worth

If you can’t stop thinking about the ring’s monetary value, it might indicate that you’d prefer the money over the item. And, you know what? That’s okay! Take it as a sign that your emotional attachment to the ring is slowly but surely fading.

You can always visit Southwest Jewelry Buyers to determine its worth. Rest assured, though, we won’t pressure you to move forward. We’re happy to appraise your piece and answer all your questions before you decide.

3. You’re Not Emotionally Attached

As the years go on, it’s normal for items to lose their sentimental value. This includes wedding rings, even if you’re happily married.

In this case, there’s nothing wrong with selling your wedding ring, especially if you’d like to invest the money into a big purchase or life change.

4. You Never Wear Your Ring

If your wedding ring is collecting dust, consider letting it go. An unused ring, after all, likely won’t add much value to your daily life.

Granted, some married people choose to not wear their rings for many reasons. But if you’ve checked off the other reasons on this list, not wearing your ring might very well be the icing on the cake.

Sell Your Wedding Ring at Southwest Jewelry Buyers

When it’s time to Sell Your Wedding Ring, come visit us at Southwest Jewelry Buyers. Our GIA-Trained Jewelry Buyers can evaluate your ring and make a competitive offer. We also invite you to ask questions about Selling Jewelry, diamonds, and more.

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