3 Tips: The Allure of Diamonds and How to Sell

February 25, 2015 By swj-eric

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Diamonds capture the eye and the heart. They also retain value from owner to owner and down through the years. If you have a diamond that you want or need to part with, you should know some key points.

Understanding Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are valued based on color, cut, clarity and carat (weight): the 4cs, as they’re known. Each of the Cs is rated on a 0 to 10 point scale, with 0 being the highest. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides dealers and jewelers with a grading system and training to accurately reflect the quality and value of a diamond.Reputable jewelers will have appraisers who have earned a GIA degree and certification.

Finding Diamond Buyers

Among the most valuable stones in the world, diamonds are consistently in demand. You could go to a local pawn shop or try to sell the stone(s) on the Internet, but you wouldn’t really know whether you’re getting a fair price or will be in a safe situation. Often, scales to weigh jewelry are not accurate – whether intentional or not. If you try selling at a local pawnshop, get a quote but don’t leave your diamond. Check around and get quotes from other professionals in the industry, particularly Southwest Jewelry Buyers in Scottsdale. They are known for paying top rates in the Phoenix Metro area, within the confines of a private, safe office.

Assessing the Situation

Diamonds are often received as gifts, inherited, or outright purchased. Whatever the situation, there can be strong emotions involved. A jeweler or diamond buyer should always deal with you as a person, not as a walking cash machine. If you feel pressured or are told your diamond is worth far less than you thought, walk away. Talk to friends and neighbors. Many in the Scottsdale area recommend Southwest Jewelry Buyers. Just ask around.