Talking to Gary Ingram, the CEO of, about 2016 jewelry trends and following the launch of their brand new collections, he made an interesting point. “Fine jewelry transcends age and fashion.”

Ingram was kind enough to elaborate by saying, “I say that because our jewelry has so much meaning to our customers. We only sell jewelry items that are real – real diamonds, real gold, real gems – so they’re most often given as gifts of love. Apart from looking luxurious and reflecting personal style, they make you feel loved and treasured. That’s the real beauty of timeless jewelry.” has gone to painstakingly energy to  find the essence of how jewelry represents treasured traditions.  Specializing in handcrafted pieces with the grace of diamond and gemstone for any big occasions – engagement and wedding rings, bridal jewelry, diamond bracelets, eternity rings and fine gemstones all the way to Ruby Anniversaries.

“But if we’re going to talk pure fashion,” says Ingram, “The biggest thing in jewellery now is about making it your own by combining pieces. It’s not so much about specific design, because we offer a huge variety in terms of that, but more about wearability, collectability, and above all, being able to mix and match various items at once.”

The beauty of stackable jewelry has found its way into multiple bands and rings.  Some of the most beautiful are mixed tones of gold (yellow, white and rose), or contrasting black and white diamonds. Fine bangles and big-carat layered bracelets are innovative with fine textures and outstanding colours, like pink sapphires on rose gold.

“On the one hand, there’s a big desire for beautiful, delicate jewellery that you can wear just as easily with a little black dress or with jeans. And then we have the heirloom pieces, the engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary jewellery that you’ll wear for a lifetime and later pass on to your children,” says Ingram.

“That’s why vintage is also very popular now. Rose gold, which first had its big moment more than 100 years ago, is back in a big way, following the trend in watches. Beautiful Victorian and Edwardian details like hearts, crosses, lock and key charms, ribbons, infinity knots, nature motifs, those really stand out because they’re timeless. In fact, they’ve never really gone out of fashion.”

When it comes to engagement rings, “the halo will still be HUGE in 2016,” Ingram confirms. “And again, vintage styles. Diamond halos, sidestones and Art Deco influences in engagement rings have been big for a couple of years now, and they’ll continue to soar.”

Plus now that people are starting to find their way out of the recession Ingram has noticed an increase in demand. “We’ve seen a 140% lift in 0.50 carat diamond stud earrings, compared to much smaller studs last year.” And talking about earrings, if you want a fashion tip for 2016, invest in a pair of hoops. “Hoops are definitely ‘in’ right now. To prove it, we’re selling 60% more hoops and have several new designs with diamonds, and also rose gold.”

“The most exciting thing about fine jewellery in 2016 is how people will be wearing it in a much more relaxed and informal way,” Ingram concludes. “The key is to continue investing in those substantial pieces, like tennis bracelets for 40th birthdays and eternity rings for anniversaries. But don’t be afraid to build on that. One diamond ring can look quite traditional now. So wear a different ring on each finger, layer multiple bangles and necklaces. Let your jewellery express your individual style.”