Great Valentine’s Day Gifts by Selling Jewelry

February 12, 2016 By Southwest Jewelry Buyers

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The stereotypical Valentine’s day gift is to buy your special someone a beautiful set of jewelry, but why not shake things up with something equally romantic, yet more practical.  That’s why when you sell your jewelry to Southwest Jewelry Buyers you’ll be able to purchase something that she actually needs, or something sentimental to gain those extra brownie points.

Flowers and chocolates are all great traditional Valentine’s Day gifts but isn’t it a little cliche?  When your partner wants you to but some thought into the gift, instead of just following the trends, you’ll be able to be able to tap into your inner-sentimentality after  you sell us your jewelry.

You’ll be able to take the money from selling the jewelry and buy something they want!  Now that doesn’t means buy the lingerie they’ll never wear or the stinky cologne he will just pour down the drain.  Take that big step from the novelty underwear and gag gifts, trust us.  Why now get something that you can share together like a good alcoholic drink to really open up the mood of the conversation.

Booze and/or Coffee

Lagavuilin 16 Year (Master of Malt, $57.79)
Brooklyn Diamond Coldbrew Coffee (Brooklyn Diamond Coffee, Locations Vary)


A monthly subscription is in our opinion the most thoughtful gift you could buy your special someone when looking outside the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.  Partially, because this is the gift that keeps on giving, month after month.  Imagine being able to give your special someone the night off from cooking each and every week because you’ve got dinner coming straight to your door with Blue Apron!  Or imagine helping your special man avoid that pesky razor burn that itches and drives him crazy all day long by a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club and Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter.  Once he uses that Shave Butter it will be no turning back from there.

Blue Apron (Blue Apron, 4 Weeks/$40)
Dollar Shave Club (6 months/$80)

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