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Greek Jewelry Goes Back to its Roots

Sometimes, creating something is new is a simple refashioning of something old like an old idea, tradition or even inspiration from history. Christina Soubli is a jewelry artist based in Greece and she has made a new collection that pays homage to the grape theme in popular Greek mythology. She has used this imagery in a very interesting manner.

Jewellery collection “Grapes” designer is Christina Soubli and her collection is based on Greek Mythology.  Grapes in Greek mythology is the “fruit of the Gods.”  The masterfully crafted “Grapes” pieces take 22 carat gold and combine them with precious stones.  Many pieces have emeralds, rubies and are sculpted to look like clusters of Grapes from rings to cuffs, to earrings and more.

Grapes will be debut in Paris, France on 26 June – 3 July 2015.



Christina Soubli is a fine jewellery artist based in Athens, Greece. Her vision is to create impeccably craftedunique jewellery pieces that enhance women’s femininity and unveil the beauty inside them.

Born in a family of traditional jewellers, Christina learned to appreciate classical forms and precious materials. But her creative mind and restless personality made her want to explore jewel-making further. During her studies at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design she experimented a lot with different materials, shapes and techniques. Her creative journey and exploration led her to realize one thing: Her persistent love for classical forms and her urge to interpret them in a new unconventional way.

For her creations, Christina Soubli uses primarily 22 carat gold. The purity of the metal as well as the depth of its colour is something that runs throughout her collections. Her use of precious stones as well as gemstones and pearls gives a colourful aura to her pieces, something that also reflects her personality as an artist.

Christina’s collections are lush and diverse, each one of them inspired by a different mood, story or experience that touched her soul and triggered her creativity. At the same time, all of her collections have a common dramatic and utterly feminine identity, marked by the deep colour of 22 carat gold.

Christina has been distinguished with significant awards, among which is also the Worshipful Company of Goldsmith’s Award of Jewellery. She has exhibited her work in some of the most prestigious galleries and stores worldwide and has received numerous outstanding reviews.

Christina Soubli Portrait

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