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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why should I sell my diamond ring to Southwest Jewelry Buyers?

Answer: Great question! For 16 years SW Jewelry Buyers has been paying the top prices on diamond rings, diamond jewelry, and other types of jewelry. Our reviews and reputation on the Better Business Bureau and all social media sites are 5 stars. We guarantee you a terrific experience selling your jewelry in the Phoenix Metro area.

Question: What if I donít have any paperwork on my diamond ring?

Answer: That is not a problem. We have been trained at the Gemological Institute of America, and can determine the color, clarity, carat weight, and all other aspects of your diamond jewelry. Of course if you do have an appraisal or certificate, please feel free to bring those on your appointment.

Question: What is a diamond certificate?

Answer: A certificate is a diamond grading report issued by an independent laboratory. It shows in detail the diamond's weight, dimensions, color, clarity and cut. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society), who have the strictest standards in the diamond industry, are the authorities on diamond grading. When someone is in need of a diamond certificate, they are the ones to turn to.

Question: Is a certificate the same thing as an appraisal?

Answer: No. A diamond appraisal is the opinion of an individual appraiser as to the quality of a diamond and his opinion on the retail replacement value of the item. An appraisal is useful only as a tool for the insurance industry when someone needs an item replaced due to damage, loss, or theft.

Jewelry appraisals are typically far above the actual retail cost of a diamond or jewelry item. A certificate is a document issued by an independent laboratory that evaluates the diamond or jewelry item for its specific qualities. A certificate does not show a dollar value, but rather is the assessment of the lab as to the exact quality of the diamond. This is important when getting the best appraisal on your jewelry.

Question: Do you buy anything other than diamonds?

Answer: Yes. Although we specialize in diamonds, we are strong buyers of estate jewelry, high end watches, gold and silver coins, and even high end handbags. We are also VERY strong buyers of signed designer pieces Ė Tiffany, Cartier, David Yurman, etc. We usually meet or exceed offers from out of state buyers! There is no reason to risk shipping your jewelry out of state when you can get a better price in Phoenix.

We also buy gem quality colored stones such as emerald, sapphire, and ruby jewelry.

Question: Can you make an offer over the phone or do we need to come in?

Answer: We can sometimes give a good ballpark over the phone, but itís always best to get an in-person offer. There are just too many variables involved to give accurate quotes without first seeing your items.

Question: Are there any fees for your service?

Answer: Absolutely not! We will evaluate all of your jewelry items, and there is never a fee nor any pressure to sell anything.

Question: Do you buy all types of diamonds?

Answer: Our specialty is 1 carat diamonds and larger, but we do buy anything .50 carats and above. With some small exceptions, we buy most shapes of diamonds. Please call us at 480-773-8004 for more details.

Question: Is all gold jewelry melted down?

Answer: If a piece of gold jewelry is an antique/vintage item, very desirable, or is a designer item, then it will be valued as jewelry. This is especially true of the top designer jewelry items. If a piece is simply gold jewelry and not designer and/or out of fashion, it may be valued at the melt down value of the gold or platinum. With the high prices of gold, even your broken jewelry will have great value.

What about broken jewelry or items missing stones?

Selling these jewelry items is not a problem. Many items sustain damage during years of wear. Southwest Jewelry Buyers consistently pays top prices for broken and damaged jewelry.

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