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  • Jewelry Trends of 2017 and Beyond: What to Sell and What to Buy

    Aug 23, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments

    Avid jewelry fans know the seller’s market is largely influenced by what’s trending in the world of fashion. If you’re hoping to sell old piece of jewelry for its maximum value (or you’d like to earn a little extra for a new piece) it helps to keep an eye on the current jewelry trends. If [&hellip...

  • Spotting Fake Jewelry – How to tell if Your Jewelry is Real

    Aug 17, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments

    We probably all know to stay away from the “gold” watches sold on the street corner for ten dollars apiece, but nowadays even well-known retailers are being accused of selling synthetic diamonds to unsuspecting customers. With the rise in cheap imports and a general lack of buying knowledge, more and more customers are being duped [&hellip...

  • Estate, Vintage, and Antique Jewelry: Is There a Difference?

    Aug 4, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments

    In the world of fine jewelry, we hear a lot of terms thrown around loosely; estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, and antique jewelry are at the top of that list. But few know the difference between the three. This can pose problems when it comes to determining the value of your jewelry, as the differences between [&hellip...

  • Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

    Jun 23, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Eternity Ring Meaning

    Eternity has long been symbolized by a circle. And while every ring given as a gift carries sentimentality, eternity rings carry particular significance and meaning. What Is an Eternity Ring—and What Does It Symbolize? Also referred to as an infinity ring or eternity band, these rings symbolize unending love. But don’t be confused, these rings [&hellip...

  • How to Choose a Watch He’ll Love for Father’s Day

    Jun 16, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Fathers Day Watch

    Ah, the love affair between men and wristwatches. Even though, historically, they’ve only been around for a short time (the first genuine wristwatches appeared in the 19th century), they’ve taken hold as an accessory that men just can’t quit. Honestly, with smartphones that keep far better time and a clock of some sort nearly everywhere [&hellip...

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