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  • Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

    Jun 23, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Eternity Ring Meaning

    Eternity has long been symbolized by a circle. And while every ring given as a gift carries sentimentality, eternity rings carry particular significance and meaning. What Is an Eternity Ring—and What Does It Symbolize? Also referred to as an infinity ring or eternity band, these rings symbolize unending love. But don’t be confused, these rings [&hellip...

  • How to Choose a Watch He’ll Love for Father’s Day

    Jun 16, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Fathers Day Watch

    Ah, the love affair between men and wristwatches. Even though, historically, they’ve only been around for a short time (the first genuine wristwatches appeared in the 19th century), they’ve taken hold as an accessory that men just can’t quit. Honestly, with smartphones that keep far better time and a clock of some sort nearly everywhere [&hellip...

  • Is Your Gold Real?

    May 30, 17 • GoldNo Comments

    Is Your Gold Real? At-Home Tests to Avoid—and What to Do Instead Just because you read it on the internet, doesn’t make it true. If you want to find out if your gold jewelry is real, the world-wide web claims to have the answers—including at-home tests that don’t work or even risk personal injury. For [&hellip...

  • How to Keep Your Jewelry Radiant (Even if it Rarely Sees the Light of Day)

    Have you ever had one of your rings cleaned for free at a jewelry store or an expo and been amazed at how much better it looked? Perhaps even more surprised by how grungy, therefore, it must have been? Whether you wear a favorite piece of jewelry every day or take it out only for [&hellip...

  • Should You Sell Your Jewelry Online?

    Sell Your Jewelry Online

    So you’ve got a piece of jewelry that you just aren’t that fond of anymore. Or it was a gift and you never really did like it. Or it’s just time for a change. Whatever the reason, selling unwanted jewelry is a great two-birds-one-stone solution, since you’re basically getting paid to minimize clutter. Just as [&hellip...

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